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Past Events:

EPS co-invention wins i4i grant of 30 months funding - full story here

IPush Patent sold to Sybre

EPS collaborates with the Sanyu Research Unit on maternal healthcare innovations

EPS participates in the Ugandan Maternal Health Partnership Hub : a charity whose aim is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Uganda.

EPS donated its skills to servicing electronic equipment at Mulago Hospital in Kampala. <More>

Operating Theatre Lighting

Latest Projects and Developments

Medical Devices

Flood Warning

Voice Products

Servicing Abroad


Charity Work

Ideas and Inventions realised into products........

my ip

EPS PIR Triggered Voice Message System

EPS Battery Backed-up Operating Theatre Lights


EPS Hydrobaric/Pneumatic Electronic Pressure Logging System

News: PPH Shelf EPS Co-Invention nears completion more here

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